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May. 27th, 2020

dames don't care


Comment to be Added!
Also, if you want to be in my BJD filter, you'll have to let me know.
Made by fetterless over at hyourin_heaven
Using this lovely one until I can get off my arse and make my own one.

Jul. 4th, 2010

dames don't care

(no subject)

It is just one of those days that everything is pissing me off. Caused, I guess, by work and the general shit that gets me down.

Aug. 26th, 2009

dames don't care

Manifest Sunday 2009 Recap and Photos

Sunday was great fun. I was Sawako-sensei from K-ON! but I had my coat on all day due to FREEZING COLD so I got to run around and play photographer, which I think is actually what I like doing more. I mean, I love cosplaying, but I had more fun taking photos and talking to people about costumes and props and stuff.

Sefie got best role play, congrats. What else, what else. We nearly smacked a Vollie who said we couldn't do our skit. We did our skit. :3 Executive decision my arse. After this we went out for dinner with everyone awesome we could grab and it was fun. Not much happened, really. My recaps are sort of shit.

This was the day that spawned Code Geese. :D

50 odd pictures under the cut, don't say I didn't warn you.Collapse )

And that's that, guys. I have a K-ON photoshoot to edit together, but I'll do that later. When I can be stuffed.

dames don't care

Manifest Saturday 2009 Recap and Photos

Saturday we got up at fucking 6:30 when Jason's phone roostered at us. It was not a fun experience. We got up, got everyone ready, I threw Tifa on (after ironing my cosplay) and rolled about until Tessa could help me with my make up.

We then all piled into a Maxi Taxi which took us to the racecourse (lol), and then to coles (this is a supermarket!!!!) and then nearly missed the stop at the showgrounds. What a loser. Boo nearly became inpaled on someones tits. Great driving, man. Seriously superb. A+++ for the lolz. We cloaked props and then wandered around and went to pre judging and Siera got photo raped a bit but we expected that one. :D

Cosplay comp ran without any issues I could see. Yiji and Lexis did a great job hosting, everyone was wonderful and funny and it was pretty damn great. Even with Avi coming in every ten minutes because of unaccompanied minors. After this, we sent Jess home because she was really sick and I waited for Siera and then she packed away her fucking giant staff in the wind because the volunteer wouldn't let her inside the CLOSED traders hall to pack it away. Like, we understood why he couldn't but it was still annoying.

Tessa won best Crossplay for Jin from Blazblue and the Trap Brigade won best roleplay. Much love to them both.

I didn't have much fun Saturday, but I got some good photos and spent like $30 and then $15 at McDonalds on dinner. :D

Should be about 40 pictures in this lot, so click at your own risk.Collapse )

dames don't care

Manifest Friday 2009 Recap and Photos

So, Manifest friday, had to go and get my pass, was told they'd lost it so I was given a spare. Wasn't pleased, got over it. I cloaked Siera's things and then went to find people that I knew. Found Biccy straight away. Yay, Biccy.

I can't really remember much that happened. Watched some panels, gained some weekend catchphrase memes, got some hugs and bought shoes and dvds and books. The cosplay panel was very informative and entertaining and the Fruits panel made me laugh because Alex is hilarious. He is. :D Fruits comp was awesome, Sefie did a great job at hosting. :D

Okay, there is my lameass friday recap.

After Manifest we all (and I mean all) went out for Korean BBQ and had a ball. :D And I got Sefie cuddles, which were great fun.


Sep. 22nd, 2008

dames don't care

(no subject)

What CP and Luts didn't know was that Cadbury had already taken their brand name in 1999 and were selling it unlimited for nearly $5 a block at most places that sold chocolate. Sure, a rip off but tasty all the same.

Sorry for the blurry photo. My phone hates coles.

AAAAND! Lifted from the Cadbury Website:

Launched in 1999, Cadbury Breakaway is a delicious and innovative product.

Breakaway is a light crisp creamy wafer finger smothered with Cadbury Dairy Milk® Milk Chocolate. Breakaway is a light yet satisfying snack that will enhance any daytime break.

Breakaway block is presented in great chunky finger-shaped pieces that are ideal for sharing with family and friends over a cup of tea or coffee.

Breakaway is available in 240 g sizes.

'Cadbury Breakaway — has biscuits beat!'

I bet that doesn't have a "PROPERTY OF LUTS" stamped all over it.


Sep. 17th, 2007

dames don't care


Manifest 2007, the short and lame report of Kate Wonder. Stalker of dolls, and random fangirl.



We arrived at the hostel, were told we had to walk up five flights of stairs to get to our room. We were told this would be fixed that day. THEY LIIIIEEED. I walked up those stairs SO MANY TIMES. I think I've lost weight. :D We got dressed, which is yay, and we wandered down to the convention.

Oh, the line. We waited for 2 hours, then ran off to pay our bill for Dracula's so we could eat that night, came back and had to wait for another hour. We got in, went to Fruits then buggered off to go eat dinner.

Dracula's was AWESOME! We had fun there, in our Fruits contest clothes. We went back to the hostel, climbed the death stairs then practiced our Hare Hare Yukai dance until like 2 am, we got the rest of our group taught it though.




Oh, we rode the line again with the rest of our friends. Merrick and I walked to Melbourne Central dressed as Cloud and Kurogane, we got some awesome looks and had some photos taken down near Coles. Oh yeah. Anyone got that photo? It was win.

We got inside JUST IN TIME for the cosplay comp, thanks to some lovely volunteers who let us cut the HUGE line. I was this close to a breakdown.

We got runner up for Best Skit. The Best Skit went to some awesome KH cosplayers. You guys rocked. Majorly.

Anyway, after that we spent some more money, watched some anime and then went back to Nomads, where we ate LOTS OF MACCAS and practiced the dance more. Oh, the fun.




Sundaaaaay! We all got dressed and went to the uni where we went to the Hare Hare Yukai comp, then to the flash mob. THEEENNNN to the cosplay comp, where we did okay. We had fun. Dressed as KH2 people, all fun.

Then we watched some anime, spent some money and wandered around before I wandered back up A'Beckitt st wearing my pants as a skirt because they'd been annoying me for hours.

Then we went home, and I uploaded my pictures and then started typing this. We had a great time all weekend. ALL WEEKEND. Even if I scared Mon, poor Mon.

Anyway, that's the end of my report, which is short. Go through my albums and stuff... that's all my photos.

Some photos from Neil's gallery of my group on Saturday, because I didn't get any.
Our Group:
Krissy, Steve and Boo:

Anyway, the report this year is boring because I didn't get half as many pictures as I wanted to on saturday because of the cosplay comp and riding the line again, but next year I'm hoping to take even more. I need to clone myself, I swear. One to volunteer (which I meant to do this year but didn't), one to take pictures and one to cosplay. Then I should be fine.

Ah, too much Manifest and not enough hands.

Anyway, because Neil Creek is god:
Friday photos:
Saturday photos:
Sunday Photos:

Sep. 26th, 2006

dames don't care


My report for the Sunday of Manifest. Again, not Dial Up Safe. I'll also post links to some of the other peoples photos, like the main guy (which has pictures of Sora and I dancing. XD)

So, again. Here is my report.



Sep. 25th, 2006

dames don't care


Hello and Welcome to the Manifest Saturday Report.

NOT DIAL UP SAFE! SORRY! I'll link you to my photobucket if you're on dialup and you wanna see some of the pictures. Or i'll email you the report. ^^


Sep. 24th, 2005

dames don't care

Manifest Photo's and Report

Hi. This is my Manifest Report. (Melbourne Anime Festival). Check them out please.

Manifest Photo's. Cut for anyone on Dialup. Collapse )

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