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Hello and Welcome to the Manifest Saturday Report.

NOT DIAL UP SAFE! SORRY! I'll link you to my photobucket if you're on dialup and you wanna see some of the pictures. Or i'll email you the report. ^^


Let’s just start with a “TALCUM POWDER IS THE ULTIMATE EVIL!” message, for that’s how I did my hair on Saturday and let’s just say… never again. Never turning down a wig again. No matter how expensive it is. ^^

So, we got there at about 11, did the interview with Chipolata, who was filming a student documentary about cosplay.

Then, I saw my first cosplayer of the day, and she was seriously AWESOME! I mean, SHE WAS ZACK! From Final Fantasy 7. Zack. You know? We’ll, she was awesome and I got a hug because I was Riku. ^^


Then I ran around and got some more photos. Like this awesome girl from Angelic Layer.


Then this girl from Full Metal Alchemist, I just loved her jacket so I took a picture. Isn’t she cute?



Then Boo and I stood still long enough to have our photo taken. See, Talcum Powder = EVIL! Tessa’s wig was awesome on the second day. But I’ll talk about Jess and Tessa later.

This guy was awesome and funny, black Vash.


First Yuna that we saw, first Auron. I got a hug from him too. AURON DISERVES A HUG!


Well, I know who L is and I’m pretty sure the other guy is from whatever Vash is from (Trigun? My knowledge of male animes are minimal, sorry.) But they were nice so I got a picture!


Cloud here only posed for a picture if I promised to find him later to get a shot of his sword. So, I did. But that photo is coming laaaater. So many pictures!


Hello, and meet Zexion, the Organization member who is seriously awesome. I got a hug and a picture then took another picture with him on Sunday afternoon, but I’ll have to get Tessa’s photos for that.


My first Reno of the weekend. She got a hug and a marriage proposal.

Her: *laughs* Okay!

Me: Can I have your photo?
Girl: … Only if you know who I am…
Me: Yazoo, of course. :P
Girl: *grins* Well then, Riku, of course you can have my photo.

I saw this girl a lot, I proposed to her twice and offered to have Reno’s babies. ^^;

I’m a nut, she was willing to take up the offer for Riku (and Sora).


LOOK! We found another Kairi. This is Tessa, in her FIRST costume for the weekend. Boo found them and dragged me over. We spent the weekend with these girls.


Jess = Selphie. She was bouncy bubbly HIIIIGH all day too, and glomped EVERYONE!

 Jess and Tessa were Tasmanian girls and they ROOOCK!


TUXEDO MASK, BABY! I got a hug because… well, HE IS MY CHILDHOOOOD! Him and Ash Ketchum. XD


She was Mana last year, she was just as awesome last year. Saturday must have sucked for her considering how warm it was… but Sunday must have been good considering it was raining… oh wait… leather shrinks when wet doesn’t it? Poor Mana.

 She looked freaking awesome though. I got a hug. I got LOTS of hugs from everyone.


The two of them were talking about something.

Okay, how the friendship originally started, apart from the fact we were all from the same game.

Me: Hi, I’m Kate Wonder.
Jess: Inuki-chan! Or Jessica.
Me: Your dresses are awesome.
Both: Thanks!
Tessa: Jess made them!
Me: Wow, awesome.
Jess: Riku/Sora OTP!
Me: OMFG YES! ME TOO! Axel/Roxas?
Jess: *glomps me* AAAH! YES! Leon/Cloud?
Me: Yup! Cloud/Sephiroth?
Jess: YES! Remus/Sirius.

Then we decided I was Jess’s minime… even if I’d been slashing for a LOT longer than she had, and even though I am a ‘fandom slut’ who will read anything if it’s a good enough story. ^^;

But yes, we talked Yaoi all day, and doujin and FANFIC and Tessa ships all of that too, so yeah. CLOOONES! And then we met another Riku who shipped all that too, so again. CLOOOONES!

Or maybe it’s just because the pairing is OH SO ADORABLE!


LOOK! She was Digi-Charet last year, this year she’s from Petit Cosette, she was so adorable. *huggles all little kid cosplayers*


Ouran, they were cute. ^^


How good do these three look? They’re so cuuute. Yuna’s costume was PERFECT and Lulu should nott have been able to walk! But awesome none the less.

See, told you I’d get it.

I just loved these twos clothes. WAAAANT!


This is Chris, or Roxas as we called him all weekend. It meant LOTS OF GLOMPS FOR HIM (from pretty girls) and lots of photos. But hey, HE WAS ROXAS!
And I was not stalking him. I AM NOT STALKING YOU, CHRIS! I SWEAR! We just happened to be at the same place… at the same time.

Maybe you were stalking Jess and I. :P

See, look. Roxas and I!

How cute is she? Momiji is adorable. Always.


I cannot spell this characters name to save myself. He was with this HUUUUGE Inu-Yasha group and he did a dance onstage to “I’m Too Sexy” which is oddly appropriate.


Boo wanted a photo with him.

See, Chris was getting hugs from cute girls all weekend. He should feel lucky. I was getting hugs from girls and guys and random kids!

And you can see Tessa’s Nightmare before Xmas bag just to the left of the screen there.



That is all I can say about this. I saw this guy first and the “HOT SQUALL” radar went off in my head. No joke, I have a hot Squall radar. I have a “Hot Cosplayer” radar, I can hunt them down.

So, I went over to him to get a photo. He’d just put all his stuff down when there was an earshattering cry of “SQUALL” and suddenly, Jess had run across the courtyard and leapt at him, glomping him.

The crowd instantly started laughing rather hysterically, none of his friends would help him extract Jess from him and I believe it took several cries of the word “RAAAPE” for her to let go.

It was so funny, I wish I’d filmed it.

And I don’t think she actually kneed him in the balls, it just looks that way. He probably would have dropped her if she did.

See Lulu laughing in the background. Everyone was like that.

This one is cuter. He’s still thinking “MAKE HER LET GOOOO” though. XD

Here he is by himself. Isn’t he a cutie? I gave him a hug and apologized for Jess’s randomness.

Poor girl couldn’t hear because the ears were covering her own. Costume was awesome though. ^^

Tee hee, Sephiroth. He had the sword and it was awesome.

Even Seph gets the girls. I think Jess just liked hugging people.

10, 7 and 8! Auron! Seph! And SQQQUAAAAL!

There were so many Squall’s. Why? It was rather awesome though. ^^

What they’re from is on the tip of my tounge… but I can’t quite remember it. They did a dance for their cosplay. It was awesome.

The Other Riku. Angelic Vampire. I never got her real name. SORRRRY! I feel bad, considering I spent an hour and a half talking to her boyfriend and friends on Sunday before Cosplay.

I think Tessa has a better picture of this. Me with my blindfold down at least. But how cute are we all?

Rosette from Chrono Crusade. She was rather awesome.

Selphie raping YET ANOTHER SQUALL! Na, we love you Jess.

For some reason, Seph agreed to hand his sword over to Boo, I think it’s Masamune that makes people evil. LOOK AT HER FACE!

This was Genma, she couldn’t see or walk or talk… I’m surprised she could breathe. Awesome costume though.

How CUTE was this little girl! She was so cute! Boo got a hug. So did I. YAY FOR ADORABLE COSPLAY CHILDREN!

All these photos are taken in the courtyard outside of the cosplay theatre. I just ran around and took photos. YAAAAY!

First Tifa that we saw. She was nice. I think Jess gpot a hug too.

The first Vincent that we saw. There were apparently 2 girls and a guy. I only saw the girls. I got a hug from her, and from her Reno friend.

See, Vincent and Reno.

Jess attacks random cosplayers again. Tee hee. These girls were awesome though. They posed for pictures all day.

This was the other Vincent. She made the claw PERFECTLY and had the red eyes. I glomped her. Both Vincent’s had the guns too, with was awesome.

Vincent is made of awesome.

Oh yes, this was one of our props for our cosplay skit. I’m gonna have to ask for the footage because I didn’t film it. I forgot to give the camera to Jess. Everyone laughed when they were supposed to though.

We didn’t win but we were rather awesome. The 4chan’ers enjoyed the use of “O RLY” and “YA RLY” took a minute or so to stop them all from yelling phrases at each other so we could continue.

Boo made all the props. Well, the menu’s at least. That one’s mine. Boo’s reads “ATTACK” “BE USELESS” and “DO NOTHING” and then a blank for the last bit.

So awesome. She got complimented so much for them.

After Cosplay I looked around the Artists Alley for a little bit. Bought a Sephiroth action figure and went home to have a MUSH NEEDED SHOWER! MY POOR HAIR!

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