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My report for the Sunday of Manifest. Again, not Dial Up Safe. I'll also post links to some of the other peoples photos, like the main guy (which has pictures of Sora and I dancing. XD)

So, again. Here is my report.

Okay, Boo and I got there at about 12. It was RAINING, Boo was FREEZING and we had to run across campus to get to the cosplay hall to meet Jess and Tessa.


Okay, I stopped to get his photo first. ^^

And Reno’s…

Meet Jess’s second Costume. Sora from KH2. I was Riku, and Tessa wasn’t wearing her Riku costume yet.

So, guess who got to play Fan service all day, yup. Me and Jess! I’ll have to steal some of those pictures from Roxas and Tessa and everyone else who took photos of me and Jess. Because I only got a few.

And here is Tessa, who was Simca of the Swallow from Air Gear.

I want that haaaat! It was awesome.

Kairi and Riku battling for Sora’s love, Sora wanted Riku.

VICTORY FOR RIKU! Sorry, Kairi. She’s pouting.

Boo bet down to tie up her shoes and Jess decided it was time to play leapfrog. XD

Another Edward. FMA sure is popular!

Sakura and Aeris blatently advertising Red Bull. We weren’t much better between our coke and McDonalds. ^^

And Aeris by herself.

What you see is the traders hall. It’s also where we could Roxas again and Jess demanded a ‘Mirror image pose’. So, he obliged. And this is the result.

See, then I glomped them both. Miiiiine!

See, then I got HUGS from them.

They’re so cuuute!

We’d lost Boo at this stage because she went off to spend some money. Chris, Jess and I got NOWHERE because we’d take a few steps and be called back from some more pictures.

Oh, and just another thing for story time. Just outside the traders hall is the rego area. Jess and I were doing some fanservice there, you know dancing and pretending to make out. Fangirls were cheering and a guy filmed us.

When we took a step back he’s gone “THAT IS SO GOING ON YOUTUBE!” so, search for Manifest in a few weeks… That is so awesome.

Here is School Girl Kairi. She was vute, that’s the rego area behind her.

Yuuko from XXX/Holic. She was rather awesome. She had a black Mokona plushie and the cigarette holder thing. Costume was rather perfect.


Sorry it’s a blurry shot. It was raining and I wanted to go inside, so I rushed the photo. I’ll link you guys to a better one later.

We’re inside the cosplay hall now, well, the rooms above the cosplay hall. Boo found the other Kairi, stole Jess’s XD Paopu and I took a photo.

This is Satoshi. Her wings weighed about 15 kilograms! HOLY HELL! She couldn’t sit down at all, Boo and I helped hold her wings up during the cosplay comp. I felt sorry for her.

Here is Angelic Vampire again. In her second costume. From some fighter game… sorry, I have no idea who she was.

This photo was taken in the Artists Alley. Which was RIGHT outside the Cosplay theatre.

AAAARGH! Hello, he’s a pirate and he was being a pirate and talking like one and he wasn’t an Av-con guy so I took a photo.

The second Aeris and Tifa that I saw. Again, in the Artists Alley. That’s the Oztaku stall behind them.

This is the door to the cosplay theatre. I had a lovely conversation with this girl an Angelic Vampire’s friends. We were first in the line to go in. She had a pacman hat on her Luigi, so, I took a photo because it was rather awesome.

And her “Got Yaoi” button. FTW. She was one of the 4chan’ers who laughed at Boo and I on Saturday.

This is the cosplay theatre. Someone was singing so we were all waving our hands. The people we were with at the door were in the row behind us but a few seats down, so we kept making jokes.

I’d say something and they’d reply. Or they’d say something and I’d reply. T’was fun.

See Cloud. See Cloud waving his sword to music. XD

See The Prince of Cosmos waving her head…


DAAAANTTEEEE! He was pretty and nice and I would have his baaaaabies!

Okay, this needs an explanation.

There was a band, one of the cosplayers (Haruhi Suzima? Something? There was a witch bassist or guitarist) and they sung a song. Jess was down in the cosplay area. I am poked in the side, everyones looking at me and Jess is down the front beackoning me down.

So, I went down and well. MORE FANSERVICE.

We just danced and it was funny because the camera had no idea what to film. Us or the actual cosplayers. XD

There were lots of cheers and when they finished, Shi Tenshi, who was running the comp laughed and said “I bet you all had a bit of trouble deciding who to watch there” and everyone agreed. XD


This girl was helping the Prince and Totoro get places, because they couldn’t see. She had a tail and started dancing with Sora too.


We also danced with Totoro. XD


This is Roy. I have some of his skit on my video camera. He kind of… danced on stage to the theme from Austin Powers. Then gave some girls flowers and got lots of marriage proposals. FROM MALES AND FEMALES (as did, Dante, by the way).

*swoons* Dante. How awesome is his sword. I got a hug. Pretty Dante.

This is Shi Tenshi. Hi Shi!


Sora and Totoro.

Roy, honey, you’re an attention whore but I love you. Seriously. Boo got a kiss and I got hugs.

See, Jess and I, with Roy. ^^

This was right after I told the Reno that I wanted Reno’s babies. So, Sora got Emo. And I had to take a photo. Emo!Sora is amusing.

These two must have been SO DAMN COLD! Poor girls, perfect costumes though.

Kero and Sakura from CCS, how cute are theeeey?

NEKOZAWAAAA! He won Audience Choice. He was so freaking funny. He hid from the spotlights.

Boo stole Tessa’s hat, and she still has the paopu. XD (Which Jess got back at the end of the day)


This is after we went back to the hostel for Tessa’s Riku Costume. So, we came back, missed Cosplay Chess and just played some more. Roxas wanted some pictures of Tessa and Jess, so the Paopu went in a tree. He’s so cute.

I was Repliku from here on in. How awesome does Tessa look!

We got some pictures of chess. We didn’t play though, we were really late.

This Reno got a few hugs because… he’s the first male Reno I’ve seen. And he was rather awesome. REEEENOOOO!

Us Riku’s and Sora again.

Awwww. I got a hug from Tessa.

This needs an explanation too. Jess found some music, started dancing and distracted the Cosplay Chess’ers. She also kissed Tessa, which distracted everyone. I filmed it. It will go on Youtube when I figure out how to use YouTube. ^^

Sora gets all the love.

Group shot, without me as I took the photo.


Yet another fight for Sora.

And Sora = dead. I want to photoshop the heart in. I may. XD Awesome shot. I also think Jess was exhausted.

Okay, and now some more random info I missed.

There was a Death Note group, their skit was L and Light chained together and going on a date with Misa. Well, at one point, L falls over and drags Light down and well… lets’ just say the AUDIENCE WENTS NUTS!

We all tried to get them to kiss but L was all “Uh… no…”

Also, some fanservice pictures of Sora and I, and Sora and Tessa!Riku.

We’re nuts. But we have lots of fun!

Well, lets just say, Riku doesn’t like Sora playing with Totoro. We were posing for a picture for someone. I really need to find the other pictures that people took. I’ll put out a request for them.

Jess’s wig was falling off but it was probably from the dancing.



Or was it?

 Everyone was laughing at us and taking photos. I think Boo had my camera at this stage.

Tessa and Jess Fanservice.


Paopu is in a tree still.

Poor Paopu-chan, it got eaten. :(

Them kissing, Boo in the background looking at Merch. Look, Riku has a wallet and a camera! XD

Can’t belive they actually kissed, apparently they’d been practicing. And they took “Date photos” I WANT THEM, JESS!

Anyway, that's all of Manifest Report for Sunday. Gimme a moment and i'll link you to the other galleries.

Neil's Photos.
Us in the Comp

Jess and I daaaancing.

Go to Sunday and about page 17. XD

Neil took a lot of photos of people I missed, i'll link you to Tessa and Jess's photos later (HIIII GIRLS) and i'll link you to Chris's gallery whenever he gets his photos online.


Love, Kate.


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