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Manifest Photo's and Report

Hi. This is my Manifest Report. (Melbourne Anime Festival). Check them out please.

Hello and Welcome to Kate’s Manifest Report.


Okay, We arrived at 10. Got lost and thought we were in the wrong place. We saw a person in a costume and followed, they led up to the place we were supposed to be. Thank heavens. Would have sucked if we had of got lost, considering Boo and I were in costume and all.



I’m on the left and Boo has purple hair. Lots of people took our photo’s. Seriously. It was like ‘Hey, can I take your picture?’ ‘Only if I can take yours.’ Our badges read “Your in front of a fangirl, it’s too late to run.”


So yeah, we finally got in after a 10-15 minute wait to get our passes. We took a lot of photo’s in the line then went into the Traders Hall where we spent money. I brought a Gravitation CD, our badges and 2 Yaoi Stickers. Boo got some stuff as well. Or did she, I can’t remember.


Then we went and watched the Cosplay Competition after buying POCKY! Which I must add is very delicious. I ate one box of chocolate, Boo ate 1 box of Strawberry and Hailey ate 2 boxes. By herself. At least Boo and I shared. ^^;


After the Cosplay Competition (Report with the rest of the photo’s down there) we wandered some more. Boo brought a Fruits Basket Wall Scroll, A Momiji Bunny, We both brought Tsubasa Pictures and Fruits Basket Bookmarks. Then we watched an episode of Beck and went home.





This was the first picture I took. She was the first Chi we saw but not the last. After this about 3 people with camera’s wanted Boo’s and I’s photos.



How awesome are these 2. Shiva and her friend. Shiva won the best costume in the cosplay comp.



This was the first cute guy for the day. Boo wanted to stalk him but we saw him a lot. If you know who he is trying to be please tell me.



HAIL LORD ILPALAZZO!  I think he was part of the staff. That blue stuff is wood, he had a lot of trouble walking through doors apparently. He rocked.



Isn’t this costume great? I think you can work out what he’s dressed as.



The first of the Final Fantasy Costumes. She won something in the Cosplay Competition as well.




KERO! This rocks. Lulu is in the background, well, one of the Lulu’s.



Lulu. She wasn’t the best one though. One of them actually had the red eyes. All the Lulu’s looked how they were supposed to.



Totoro and Kero. No explanation needed really. Poor guy. Didn’t win any awards.



Not sure who she is but the costume rocked.




Welcome to Kate’s future life. She will marry the guy dressed as Fai D. Flowright and have his beautiful babies. I think I love the one on the left. We walked past one another and Boo said he checked me out. Fai, Saoran and Kuro from Tsubasa. I think the girl behind them was Sakura but I dodn’t care about anyone but Fai.




She rocked. .//HACK.



Not sure who he is, his costume rocked though.



This girl was dressed as Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle (Which I saw last night. Fantastic Movie.) After I took the photo I told her that Howl rocked and ran off, quickly.




Alucard from Hellsing. I love the fangs. When I was at the yaoi stall the second time he was standing there too.


Alakard: So, what are you selling?

Girl: Yaoi Merchandise.

Alakard: *blink, blink, blink, blink * Ew.


I’m not joking, it took him about 10 seconds to reply. The girl and I laughed at him.



Princess Whatshername from DigiCharat. She won the Audience Choice cosplay  award. She was adorable.



Jima and Girl Evil Persocom from Chobits.



James said the entire Team Rocket motto by herself. Doing both parts in perfect voices. Jessie was a sook, you see. She wouldn’t talk.



Yu-Gi-Oh cosplayers. Not sure who they are at all because I don’t watch the show but I took the photos because their costumes rocked.




He has a roboclaw. ^^; Full Metal Alchemist.




Girl dressed as Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket. I want her coat, badly. Very badly.



Blue hair girl from Full Metal Panic. I actually watched a few episodes of that show but I can’t for the life of me remember her name. Sousake was there as well, she beat him up for their skit.




Chi and Freja. During their Cosplay bit everyone started going “Chi” or “Pantsu” at them. Freja does Chi’s voice better than the Chi did.



Squall Leonheart. He was the DigiCharat girl’s brother, he helped her skit. I though I wasn’t going to get a picture, but I did. He was cute as well.



Rinoa. She was excellent.


 But yes, they are all of the good pictures I took. I should be going now. This took ages to write and stuff.






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