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The Dusty Space of my Mind.

The Inner Musings of a Fangirl

Kate Wonder
12 March 1990
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About Me
Hi there! My name is Kate but I also go by Wonder, so what ever you prefer, really. Either works.
I'm an 18 year old Australian girl who collects ball jointed dolls, writes the occasional fantasy story and slashes pretty boys. So if that's a problem then maybe this isn't the place for you. Which is just fine, we all have our tastes. ^^
If you friend me, please let me know and I'll add you back. I love making new friends, especially if we share interests.
This Journal Contains
- Dolls
- Photos of Dolls
- Wank about Dolls
- Stories
- Stories about my dolls
- Stories of a slightly Fantasy nature
- Stories containing more gay boys than you can shake a stick at
- The occasional review of things
- The usual every day ramblings of life.
I promise I'll make this profile more interesting one day...
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advent children, anime, balfour, ball jointed doll, bjd, caffine, captain jack, cardboardia, chobits, chocolate, clamp, coffee, computers, corsets, costumes, dah-nah-nah dah!, daniel jackson, daniel radcliffe, dark angel, david tennant, delf, demons, doctor who, dollfie, donna noble, douglas adams, doujinshi, draco malfoy, dragons, drawing, ewan mcgregor, fai, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, friends, fruits basket, fuck yeah adamo, fullmetal alchemist, geeks, gravitation, gryffindors, harry potter, ianto jones, iharthdarth, j-pop, jack harkness, james potter, jedi, john simm, kid delf, kingdom hearts, kiss him you fool, lily evans, luna lovegood, luts, magic, manga, manifest, marauders, michael shanks, michael weatherly, moony, movies, music, my chemical romance, mythology, narcissa malfoy, not ignoring peter, not working, obi-wan kenobi, padawans, padfoot, peter pettigrew, peter/toast, photography, pirates, poking people, potter puppet pals, prongs, rainbows, ravenclaws, reading, remus lupin, remus/sirius, riku/sora, roboclaws, rodney mckay, rose tyler, sailor moon, sarah-jane adventures, scottish accents, sexy bad guys, shoebox_project, shounen ai, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, slytherin, squall leonheart, stalking bishonen, ten, the doctor, the marauders map, the master, there's something about mary margrave, torchwood, tsubasa chronicle, vampires, video games, vincent valentine, werewolves, what do you mean steampunk is dead, writing, writing fanfic, yaoi, yoda,