Kate Wonder (katewonder) wrote,
Kate Wonder

Manifest Friday 2009 Recap and Photos

So, Manifest friday, had to go and get my pass, was told they'd lost it so I was given a spare. Wasn't pleased, got over it. I cloaked Siera's things and then went to find people that I knew. Found Biccy straight away. Yay, Biccy.

I can't really remember much that happened. Watched some panels, gained some weekend catchphrase memes, got some hugs and bought shoes and dvds and books. The cosplay panel was very informative and entertaining and the Fruits panel made me laugh because Alex is hilarious. He is. :D Fruits comp was awesome, Sefie did a great job at hosting. :D

Okay, there is my lameass friday recap.

After Manifest we all (and I mean all) went out for Korean BBQ and had a ball. :D And I got Sefie cuddles, which were great fun.


Biccy as the adoooorable Pirate version of Haruhi Suzumiya. :D <3333

First Code Geese Geass cosplayer we saw.


It's Boo! Roberta from Black Lagoon, having too much fun killing things. DDDX

I wanted to eat you both, you both looked so tasty.

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