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Manifest Saturday 2009 Recap and Photos

Saturday we got up at fucking 6:30 when Jason's phone roostered at us. It was not a fun experience. We got up, got everyone ready, I threw Tifa on (after ironing my cosplay) and rolled about until Tessa could help me with my make up.

We then all piled into a Maxi Taxi which took us to the racecourse (lol), and then to coles (this is a supermarket!!!!) and then nearly missed the stop at the showgrounds. What a loser. Boo nearly became inpaled on someones tits. Great driving, man. Seriously superb. A+++ for the lolz. We cloaked props and then wandered around and went to pre judging and Siera got photo raped a bit but we expected that one. :D

Cosplay comp ran without any issues I could see. Yiji and Lexis did a great job hosting, everyone was wonderful and funny and it was pretty damn great. Even with Avi coming in every ten minutes because of unaccompanied minors. After this, we sent Jess home because she was really sick and I waited for Siera and then she packed away her fucking giant staff in the wind because the volunteer wouldn't let her inside the CLOSED traders hall to pack it away. Like, we understood why he couldn't but it was still annoying.

Tessa won best Crossplay for Jin from Blazblue and the Trap Brigade won best roleplay. Much love to them both.

I didn't have much fun Saturday, but I got some good photos and spent like $30 and then $15 at McDonalds on dinner. :D

Biccy and Ginger. :D

The lovely Neil Creek, without his camera..

Siera as Maya from Magna Carta.

Merrick and I were serious. You could grope us, or we could grope you. We weren't fussed. Tifa and Irvine would make a rocking team.

Jason as Luigi, lol.

Boo's mate Steve as Kanda from D.Grey Man.

Gingerbread! Om nom nom! WIth Ginger, lol.

It's a trap!

I don't even know....

My first Vocaloid for the weekend. <3

Jess as Rachel from Blazblue.

Kibbles, looking gorgeous but I've forgotten who she was.


Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning and that other girl.


The award for the cutest KH cosplayers goes to these two. Awww.



This girl and I ninja'd McDonalds into a chinese place on Sunday night.

The lovely Miss Emily as Noelle from Blazblue.

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Kibbles was Countess Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D.
THANK YOU! :D I just thought Kibbles was so awesome. :D
I missed out on Free Gropes? No fair....

Nice costumes, btw.

I love blonde Siera~! * O *
OMG! Tifa!Kate!!! *spazzes* You look sooooo goooood! The boobs work well for the cosplay *nods wisely* - . - .....bwahahaha xD Did you get/give many gropes Saturday? Fav grope? lol

I don't know what Blazblue is but I sure do want that little creature/toy with the creepy grin! :D
My favourite grope was probably one of the people I knew, nobody else groped me. Because that would have been creeeeppppy/
I thought that was Siera in the Magnya Carta cosplay! ;D It looks sooo cool.
Hahahaha @ photo of my group, there hasn't been a perfect one yet LOL
I KNOW. >< But even the ones where I thought everyone was still aren't good. Stupid moving group. LOL
Aww Tifa!Kate is adorable :3
maccas ninja was hilarious
sailor moon? Moar like fail moon!

lol. I'm so mean XD
We'll be so awesome next year, Biccy! SO AWESOME! AWESOME POWER, COMING TO MANIFEST 2010!
Awwwww, you look adorable! :D
Some fabulous costumes there, too!